University work placement

A day in the life of a university work placement student

On a day to day basis, I work with at least 3 different clients and by extension just as many different colleagues in the office. This part of the experience is by far the most rewarding because of the varying personalities, skillsets and industries you are exposed to.

The assignment of work varies widely from ad-hoc tasks to longer term projects with fixed deadlines. This ensures that your time-management will improve, and you will learn to become adaptable and flexible to accommodate requests

The nature of the work differs greatly also. You may be asked to conduct some research into client mentions by MP’s or politicos in the morning and then be asked to investigate a specialist field like healthcare or private equity so you can assist your team with a new business task in the afternoon.

My work usually takes me right up until 5pm from which point I can finish off any admin tasks and plan the next day, bringing me comfortably to close of play.

Despite the constant hustle of the office during peak business season, I have never felt overwhelmed due to the ready-to-help attitude of the other analysts and indeed the office as a whole.

As a placement student, it is reassuring to know that at Maitland you will be treated as an addition to the analyst team and given the same real world responsibilities – you will not be making coffee for people.  Therefore, there is a strong correlation between how much you embrace the work and how rewarding your overall experience is.