Crisis and Reputation

Reputations take a lifetime to build but can crumble in hours.

Our Crisis & Reputation Management services:

Crisis Communications training
Scenario planning
Reputation Planning
War room operations
Rapid response team
Real time media and digital media analysis
Strategic counsel
Materials preparation

H/Advisors Maitland has helped businesses and organisations, big and small, prepare for the worst.  And we’ve masterminded communications when the worst has happened.

That includes critical campaign groups, activist investors, legal attacks and parliamentary inquiries. We run training courses and crisis simulations and design crisis management plans. We’re not only advisory. We work direct with media, using our experience of communications psychology to get the message across.

We are your partner who has done it before.

Our experience

Government & NGO

Human rights class action

H/Advisors Maitland was engaged by a global food producer facing a human rights class action on behalf of workers in the developing world.

For all crisis and reputation support, contact our experienced team.

Vikki Kosmalska

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Please contact our experienced team to discuss how H/Advisors Maitland can support you in communicating your strategy, goals and performance to the financial markets and the business media.

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