Rosalind Edgar

Marketing & Events Consultant

As a Marketing and Events consultant, Rosalind coordinates and manages client events in addition to handling the in-house social media accounts

Rosalind works primarily on H/Advisors Maitland’s clientele events, ranging from in-house social events to client’s financial reporting, press parties and dinners.

In addition to events, Rosalind manages H/Advisors Maitland’s social media accounts and uses databases such as salesforce to measure and track interaction and analysis for marketing purposes. Additionally, marketing work encompasses formulating emails and HTML coding for clients and in-house email monitors.

Rosalind has previous experience working in events and has worked within the wedding industry prior to H/Advisors Maitland which she engaged in after obtaining a BSc in Business Management from the University of Birmingham since her graduation in 2020.

Contact Details


+44 (0) 2073 794 428


+44 (0) 7825 852 545

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