Generative AI captures the zeitgeist at London Tech Week

14th June 2023

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London Tech Week has taken place in a long overdue hot spell in the capital and the hottest topic without doubt was Generative AI.

The Times’ Technology Business Editor, Katie Prescott, opened up Day 2 noting how last year at London Tech Week, we hadn’t heard of chat GPT and now Generative AI has truly taken over. She welcomed the return of the characteristic optimism from the tech industry after a recent crisis of confidence driven by a lack of talent, departures of global tech giants, as well as poor performance of tech on the public markets. She noted that the UK tech scene is rich and vibrant and despite the crunch, tech funding seems to still be taking place for innovative businesses from all sectors.

On Day 1, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that the UK is an island of innovation, but the tectonic plates of technology are shifting and we cannot rest…

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