H/Advisors Maitland worked closely with Vodafone’s in-house comms team on shareholder disquiet and M&A moves, helping stakeholders understand the rationale for each step, but also the market context.


A combination of factors impacted Vodafone growth in recent years, culminating with significant shareholder disquiet and restructuring moves by management. In order to maximise the potential positive effect of these actions stakeholders had to appreciate the rationale and the market context.


H/Advisors Maitland worked closely with Vodafone’s in house comms team on this programme. This meant providing data and facts to demonstrate how mobile telecoms markets were changing, and the way populations are consuming mobile services and connectivity, as well as the all-important regulators’ perspective


While challenges persist, Vodafone stakeholders now have a solid understanding of the telecoms environment that management has been navigating.

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