A day in the life of a consultant at H/Advisors Maitland

The day typically starts early, with a number of clients based in Europe and across the globe in different time zones. We must be up to follow the first announcements by companies on the London stock exchange from 7am, with many of our clients relying on us to send announcements out early to the key journalists covering the sector.

Once I have distributed announcements and caught up on the key stories of the day, I go along to the weekly agency wide meeting, where I hear a brief update on the firm and any new business leads. The meeting ends with an ‘influence competition’ where a number of consultants from different practices present a piece of work they are particularly proud of. I enter a profile article into the competition and present it to my peers, talking them through how I set up the opportunity.

After the morning meeting, I will then follow up with journalists who I have sent announcements to, answering any questions using the Q&A document we helped our client prepare and giving the journalists any extra information they require for them to write an article on the news.

It’s now lunch time, and time to meet a reporter who’s recently joined a UK national newspaper. During the meeting, I will introduce myself and give an overview of all the clients I work for that are relevant to them, telling them how knowing more about them can be valuable for the journalist. I will then ask the journalist about themselves, and will ask about their beat, when is best to contact them, what things would annoy them and what they have a particular penchant for.

Afterwards, I prepare for a couple of client catch-up calls. Most of my clients are based outside the UK, so I do almost all my weekly catch ups over the phone. Prior to the calls, I will check through the agenda prepared by the analyst and make sure it is complete, as well as make sure that all of last week’s actions have progressed since the last update we gave the client.

During the afternoon, I generate media opportunities by speaking to my journalist contacts and finding out what they are writing about that my clients can contribute to. I then moderate any interviews I have set up and speak to a television producer to finalise the details of a live television appearance one of my clients will be taking part in tomorrow morning.

The great thing about H/Advisors Maitland is I’ve worked on at least 5-6 different clients today, spanning sectors from financial services, to transport, and retail. You never get bored and there’s always a lot to learn. The interesting thing is making connections between sectors and issues, and through experience, gaining enough insight on parallels you can draw.

Anyone who is up for a challenge, likes unpredictability, while thriving in a high-pressure environment – where relationships and meeting people are key – would really enjoy working at H/Advisors Maitland.

Working at H/Advisors Maitland

H/Advisors Maitland is keen to hear from ambitious people interested in business and with a thirst for news in all forms. Undergraduates and recent graduates from all backgrounds are invited to apply for an internship or full time analyst position.

Applications from those with more experience will also be considered to join the team as a consultant all the way through to partner.

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