Isabelle Bruce


As an Analyst, Isabelle works across a variety of financial and corporate sectors at H/Advisors Maitland

Isabelle works at H/Advisors Maitland as an analyst on both private and public held companies across various sectors, including financial services, retail, and asset management.

Isabelle graduated for The University of Durham in July 2022 with a Joint Honours BA in Philosophy and Psychology. She has previously interned at communication companies Finsbury and Brunswick, where she assisted with capital market, private equity and financial services clients.

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+44 (0) 2073 950 482


+44 (0) 7825 979 113

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Financial Services


H/Advisors Maitland was engaged to build the profile of AXA, including repositioning strategic priorities.

Retail & Consumer

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Since listing, we have supported Dr Martens and its leadership with sustainability, financial and corporate communications.